The Battered Anvil Tavern

I created this scene in order to practice hand-painted textures and stylised environments, as well as lighting within Unreal Engine 4.

A lot of time was spent researching Lightmass and how to best set it up to achieve the desired lighting results. The lighting in this scene is fully-baked static lighting and global illumination.

I also experimented with various custom shaders and particle systems, including:

  • a parallax offset material for suggesting an exterior outside the windows

  • a 'moonbeam' shader with customisable depth and camera fades, and fresnel falloff to mimic volumetric lighting using geometry

  • adding world position based attributes into the main shader to introduce more variation

  • using sub UV textures for the fire particle system

  • a shader able to transition logs from being freshly chopped, to currently burning, to burnt using one texture and a mask

Models and UVs were created in Maya, all textures hand-painted in Photoshop, rendered in UE4.‚Äč

Mamachari Bicycle

This specific type of bicycle is one which is very popular in Japan, and is often the type used for community bicycle services.

I decided to create this piece in order to practice mechanical style hard-surface modelling, and it doubled as a prop for a small scene I was working on at the time. It is fully modelled in Maya, and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Modern Coffee Table

I created this coffee table and accessories in order to practice creating assets in a realistic style, while also testing out rendering with Marmoset Toolbag 2.

I modelled and UV’d all assets in Maya, textured in Photoshop, created normal maps using nDo, and rendered the scene in Marmoset.

The Mother Tree

I completed this project while in my second year of study at AIE. I was tasked with creating a real time game environment from the ground up within 8 weeks.

For this project I used Maya for modelling and UVs, Photoshop for painting textures, and put it all together with custom particle systems and shaders in Unreal Engine 4.